Iron On Patches

If you want to modify the appearance of your jeans, bag, jacket, tees and other personal belonging without actually overhauling it, you can utilize various styled patchesto help you out. These awesome accessories can totally change the looks of a dress, jeans or bags. Just make sure that the item on which you will use the appliqué is of similar cloth to the iron on patches.


This is especially true if you are trying to cover a torn or damaged part of jeans, jacket or canvass bag. The torn part will show through the patch and may soon tear on that part. Hence, before ordering any patches, make sure that you already know what you will put it on. That way, you can order for the right kind of patch.

Aside from being a handy appliqué to hide holes & torn parts of your things, iron on patches are also in demand for sports teams, camping, schools, military, clubs, organizations and a whole lot other aspects in our society today. Emblems and team names iron on patchescan be easily applied on uniforms for schools, military, camping, organizations and clubs.

Here Gives The Different Uses Of Iron On Patches:

Even businesses are utilizing patches in their various products. It is simple to attach and don’t need much fuss for its application. All you need is an iron, iron board and perhaps a needle and thread. You can use the iron to apply the patch while you can utilize the needle and thread in sewing its edges in order to make it more durable. Just ensure that the color of the thread you use will match the patch to make it look more elegant and high quality looking.

If you are looking for high quality iron on patches which are fairly priced, come visit our site to acquaint you how we do business with our potential as well as existing clients. Of course, you can also try our other patches which have button loop backing, Velcro, plastic and tape backings. You can browse over our gallery to find inspiration in our beautifully designed and crafted patches. We don’t want to bother you with unnecessary procedures that only waste your time and effort.

Hence, we have established an easy ordering procedure for our potential customers. If you want a favorite image or logo to be turned into patches that you could easily attach to your things, just submit a drawing or image most similar to the one you would like to be copied. You don’t need to be a good artist since we can always enhance your submitted drawings. We will then make a digital proof of your submitted image or emblem, which you can view online.

You can then review the proof and submit your comments on it

That is, whether you want something to be changed, tweak or completely revise the digital proof. Only when you have finally approved the proof, shall we then start the production of the patch. If you don’t know where to start with your design, just send us any relevant image or data that we can base our work on and we will make the design for you. You can also browse our numerous designs, colors and attachment options for inspiration. Furthermore, you can check out from our gallery the thread and twill we use on our designs. If you want the customary embroidered design patches, we also have an array of designs for you to choose from.iron-on-patches

You can also get a free quote from us without actually ordering or paying anything. The prices of our patches depend on several factors which you can easily put in our interactive page to ascertain how much you will pay for a particular order of patches.

The factors in determining the price include the size of the patch, how much you will order, the percentage of embroidery on it (if any), the type of patch backing, border and the number of thread to be used, amongst other things. Just visit our site and get acquainted with the various aspects of patches to increase your knowledge as well as acquaint you on how to obtain free quotes for an order.